Spark Photo Festival April 2022

My Spark show will again be on display at the Peterborough Public Library during the month of April.

See the following Peterborough Examiner story regarding my show and the rest of the participants:

This appears on the wall describing my theme and short bio:

Theme: Patterns and Shapes

Patterns appear in music, mathematics, architecture, nature, art and design works – and even in human behaviour. Photographically they can present themselves as renderings of colour, texture, geometric or abstract shapes and designs. They can be fascinating and tantalizing  – and reach out to be recorded. 

Photographer Bio

Ken has been behind a camera lens ever since he borrowed his father’s Leica when he was 14. Since then, photography has been a passion undiminished by time and circumstance. 

His knowledge and experience has been built up through both taking and teaching courses and seminars, camera club memberships, commercial assignments – but mainly by shooting a whole bunch of photos.

His emphasis has been eclectic, but with a leaning to the outdoor world. He has connected his scuba diving with a large body of work taken underwater. His passions for canoeing, kayaking and wilderness travel, and his proclivity to carrying his camera wherever he goes, has resulted in a record of those endeavours. Through extensive travel around the world he attempts to document and interpret the resulting wide variety of cultural distinctions.

Ken has spent a number of years in the oil industry in Canada and internationally. Subsequently he was a business consultant, was Associate Director of the Canadian Outward Bound Wilderness School, and taught part time at Seneca College. He has served/serves on the boards of a number of organizations. 

He is married to Penny Rush and together they have five children and eight grandchildren.

This is Ken’s 9th exhibition in the Spark Photo Festival. He has been exhibiting his  photographs since the festival’s inception in 2013.”

1. Cross Over. Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina
2. Fat Rocks. Baie de San Ciprianu, Corsica.
3. Gnarly. Clayoquot Sound, BC
4. Fenced In. Hilton Head, USA
5. Arch Lines. Cervina, Italy
6. Space to Die; Space to Grow. Normandy, France
7. Ten Gables. Český Krumlov, Czech Republic
8. The Great Library Facade. Alexandria, Egypt
9. The Crossing. Prague, Czech Republic
10. Tides Out. Mont Saint-Michel, France
11. Window Pane. Near Altun Ha, Belize
12. Let the Sunshine In. Prague, Czech Republic
13. Pi r2. Syracuse, Sicily.
14. Belle Epoque Station. Paris, France
15. Overhead. Helsinki, Finland
16. 1849. Sartène, Corsica.
17. Whoops. Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
18. Fill ‘er Up Castellino, Italy
19. Skyward. Franschhoek, South Africa.
20. Gaudi’s “La Pedrera”. Barcelona, Spain
21. Watch Your Step. Guernsey, England
22. Angles. Toledo, Spain
23. Window Washing. Shanghai, China
24. Converging. Cape Town, South Africa
25. The Perch. Tallin, Estonia.
26. Tail End. Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

Upstairs lobby

27. Grate Reflections. Zadar, Croatia

4 thoughts on “Spark Photo Festival April 2022”

  1. Loved all your photos and their titles…very clever.
    You really have an eye for different angles, poses, colours, dimensions.
    Tail end, Space to die and Space to grow, and Fill’er up were my favourites.
    thanks for sharing

  2. Was so happy to get time to go see your exhibit! It was stunning. Based on other photography of yours I’ve had the pleasure of seeing, the was a a bit out of what I considered your wheelhouse. Some of these should be hanging in corporate offices!

  3. Lovely trip viewing your talent. Feel closely attached to tail end my favorite animal. Thank you for sharing.

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