Spark Photo Festival Sept 2021

Theme: Fishin’

Casting about for a theme for my 2020 Spark photo exhibition (now September 2021) I reminded myself of the elements behind my photographic drive. They include:

* telling stories

* reflecting my ongoing relationship with the rivers, lakes and oceans I have been on or under (my very first Spark show in 2013 was on “Water: Above & Below; it displayed many shots taken while scuba diving)

* recording and reflecting on different cultures represented by the many countries I have been fortunate to visit

The act of catching fish whether commercially or recreationally consumes a lot of energy and is conducted all around the world by all demographics. That act, and all of the rituals, equipment and people that go with it, often make for creative images.

Eying the Catch (Puerto Lopez, Ecuador)
Balancing Act (Inle Lake, Myanmar)
Done For the Day (Bali)
Crate Full (Estonia)
Dog Watch (Croatia)
Hooked One (Hermanus, South Africa)
Fishing “Crew” (Belize)
Evening Return (Vrsar, Croatia)
Mixed Neufie Haul (Fogo Island, Newfoundland)
Canal Catch (Belgium)
Parental Advice (Algonquin Pk)
Fly Fishing Buddies (Adirondacks, New York State)
Extreme Fishing (Algarve, Portugal)
Precarious Perch (Mossel Bay, South Africa)
Quiet Moment (Lake District, England)
River Fishin’ 2 (Keele River, NWT)
Surf Fishing (Da Nang, Vietnam)
River Fishin’ 3 (Keele River, NWT)
River Fishin’ 1 (Keele River, NWT)
Bird Watch (Aranjuez, Spain)
Three For Three (Amazon River, Brazil)
Dried Mackerel (Nazar, Portugal)
Anything There? (Igloolik, Nunavut)
Jelly Catch (Kuantan, Malaysia)

12 thoughts on “Spark Photo Festival Sept 2021”

  1. Ken, what a great photographer you are!!! I love the Dog Watch since I love silhouettes. A terrific picture!
    A lot of colour. You must be a lover of colour as am I.
    Thanks for sending!
    Ps. Closed the cottage today but need to come back up North later on so I may make it to Peterborough. Your show is on in September only?

    1. Nice to hear from you. Come on by on the Tuesdays between 2 and 4 and I’ll be there. We’ll continue on at the cottage until October. The show is up for the month of September but the library likes it and likely will ask if I can leave it up for longer. Ciao, Ken

  2. Amazing travel log capturing a universal theme of fishing around the world. Well done I enjoyed the tour.

  3. What a fortunate man you are Ken to have travelled the world more than most can even dream of and on top of that to have the camera skills and talent to bring to us these wonderful images. I enjoyed everyone of them. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Fabulous photos, Ken and an amazing travelogue. What an eye you have for the perfect picture . Well done

  5. Ken: The fishing photos you took around the world are beautiful. It makes you feel as if you are actually there in all those special locales. The colour treatment of the fishermen, the water, and the surrounding scenery immediately capture your eye.

    The pictures are brilliant in so many ways – the fisherman’s shadow in the water in Myanmar, the Da Nang surf fishing (as it reminds me of when I was in Saigon, which is Ho Chi Ming city now), and the great caption for the Inuit fisherman looking through the hole in the ice asking, “Anything there?”

    Proud to be a friend,

    1. I never got back to you on your wonderful note, Bill. (If one doesn’t get a response out quickly, things take over and get passed by.) Great to have a friend like you, Ken

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