Happy Birthday Ken!

This site was created as an 81st birthday present for my dad. God knows he’s always had something to say. We decided it was time to give him a place to put it all.


Brendan Powell (with plenty of help from Melanie!)
May 30, 2020

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ken!”

  1. Really liked your blog on China! Started reading it during start of summer, and (whew)…. Just finished it ! Re: your B/D picture…..NICE KNEES & I love u in PINK !!!

  2. Your blog was brought to my attention by a good friend and past cottager on Stoney Lake. Belatedly, I wish you a happy 82nd birthday. Just a bit late … like 4 months. I have missed seeing you at the IOL annuitant gatherings in Toronto in October. I see it is off again. Give me a call when you can 416-486-0883. Maybe we can arrange to get together sometime when you are in Toronto. All the best. Stay well.

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